FAQ – Frequently asked questions

The Quantarctica manual (PDF 1 MB) is a step-by-step guide to installing and optimizing QGIS 2.18 and Quantarctica 3.

What software do I need?

You need QGIS 2.18, Quantarctica's project file (Quantarctica3.qgs) and datasets. You get all this on our downloads page.

NOTE: If you're not using Windows or Mac, please download QGIS 2.18 for your platform from QGIS's downloads page.

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I have an older version of QGIS (<2.18). Can it still run Quantarctica?

We strongly recommend updating to QGIS 2.18. Though it may run on an older version, we can't promise that all of Quantarctica 3's features or datasets will display or run correctly.

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How much free space do I need for Quantarctica on my computer?

The uncompressed package is 7.8 GB. The download size is about 5 GB (zip file).

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What's included in the Quantarctica package?

The Quantarctica 3 package includes:

  • Simple and detailed basemaps
  • Satellite image mosaics and terrain rasters
  • Datasets for 10 different scientific themes

See a full list of included datasets, citation information, and preview images in our Data Catalog.

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How do I acknowledge/cite Quantarctica?

We request that you acknowledge or cite Quantarctica and the Norwegian Polar Institute when publishing a Quantarctica-made image or map publicly in a journal or online.

Citation: Matsuoka, K., Skoglund, A., & Roth, G. (2018). Quantarctica [Data set]. Norwegian Polar Institute. https://doi.org/10.21334/npolar.2018.8516e961

Acknowledgement (example): We acknowledge the Norwegian Polar Institute’s Quantarctica package.

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Can I still use my old version of Quantarctica?

Yes. However, the older versions are "as is". There will be no further bug fixes, support, etc. Users are strongly encouraged to use the latest version.

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What is the best way to distributed my published data to other Quantarctica users?

Though QGIS is very good at importing many different types of data, there are certain steps you can take to make your data "Quantarctica-friendly," or easily imported by other Quantarctica users. We have published a guide about Making Quantarctica-Friendly Datasets, which you can download here (PDF, 1 MB).

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How can I move my layers from a Quantarctica 2 project to a Quantarctica 3 project?

We recommend the "Copy layers and groups to clipboard" plugin, which can be installed from the QGIS Plugins repository (Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins). This plugin makes it easy to move layers between projects while maintaining all of your custom layer style and labeling settings.

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Do I need an Internet connection to use Quantarctica?

No. An Internet connection is required only for downloading the dataset. Once you've downloaded Quantarctica, you can take it with you anywhere!

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My downloads fail / I need an FTP client

We recommend that you use a download mirror close to you. If a particular mirror is down or slow, try a different one.

We provide three different download options for Quantarctica, and recommend using an FTP client. If you don't already have an FTP client installed, we recommend FileZilla – it's free.

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I'm experiencing problems. What do I do?

If you have problems related to QGIS, please visit QGIS website. To resolve Quantarctica-specific problems or file a Quantarctica-specific bug report, please contact us.

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