A free GIS package for Antarctica

Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, open-source software QGIS. It currently includes geography, glaciology and geophysics data, and will expand with contributions from the research community. Download it now!

Video: Norwegian Polar Institute / YouTube

Contribute to Quantarctica

You are the one to take Quantarctica further – it's a community effort!

Please and short justifications for which datasets already available at data centres should be included in a future version of Quantarctica.

Although we welcome all contributions, we're currently most interested in data from:

  • oceanography
  • atmospheric sciences
  • geology
  • biology

We also welcome contributions of your research, such as field data, remote-sensing data, and model outputs. (We can assist with importing your data into Quantarctica – just .)

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